Guest: Kurt Fritz – Performance Trust



Kurt Fritz, Partner & Managing Director for Performance Trust joins host Michael Delucchi to talk about yield curve control, negative interest rate policy, and strategies for community bankers during the pandemic. 

Kurt who just started a banker focused blog called the “Fritz Report” shares his insights and ideas that can assist bankers to position their balance sheet during these challenging times as well as some stories from his time in the famous open cry pits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

If you are a community bank executive, CFO, CCO, or bank director then this episode of ElevateTALKS is very timely, relevant, and for you.

About Our Guest

Kurt Fritz – Partner & Managing Director at Performance Trust

Kurt is A former options trader and is an expert at analyzing complex securities with embedded options. Kurt plays a key role in the Performance Trust’s trading and analytics department, where he helps bankers make better risk/reward decisions in fixed income investing. An experienced speaker who I have worked with in the past at many WIB events over the  years he also develops the educational curriculum at Performance Trust.  Kurt often appears before banking, insurance, and credit union groups as well as regulators. Kurt has a Bachelor of Science degree in business economics from Wheaton College and recently he just started and informative blog called the Fritz Report.


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