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Latest Episodes & Show Notes

Ep #10 2020 BOLI Recap & 2021 Fee Income Strategies

Guest Chris Richardson, Vice President of Sales for IZALE Financial joins host Michael Delucchi to discuss how bank-owned life insurance performed in 2020 compared to other assets, what bankers should be aware of for executive benefits in 2021, and presents fee income strategies financial institution can utilize in the new year to boost their bottom line.

Ep #9: Community Banks and The Yield Curve with Kurt Fritz

Guest Kurt Fritz talks about yield curve control, negative interest rate policy, & strategies for community bankers during the pandemic. Kurt who just started a banker focused blog called the “Fritz Report” shares his insights and ideas that can assist bankers position their balance sheet during these challenging times as well as some stories from his time in the famous open cry pits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Ep #8: How Pandemic Stress Testing Can Position your Bank for Success

The coronavirus chaos and its cascading impact on the financial markets and small and medium-sized business has made credit stress testing a vital tool for every community bank. Adam Mustafa, CEO and co-founder of the Invictus Group, joins host, Michael Delucchi to collectively share their thoughts on stress testing in the COVID-19 environment.

Ep #7 COVID–19 and CAMELS
with Bart Smith

As an effect of the Coronavirus pandemic, bankers are balancing a multitude of pressing and important issues. In this episode Bart Smith, Managing Director & Partner at Performance Trust will take an audible journey through the CAMELS bank rating system and discuss strategies and insights of each key factor that bank executives are and should be considering.

Ep #4: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire for Bankers

In this episode of ElevateTALKS fraud-busting body language expert Traci Brown joins host Michael Delucchi and reveals some of her best tips, tells, and signs to spot when someone is lying.  Our conversation includes strategies for face-to-face conversations, how to tell if someone is lying on the phone, and if there are generational differences in the art of lying.

Ep #1: Succession Planning with Meridith Elliott Powell

In this inaugural episode of ElevateTALKS, business growth, sales and leadership expert Meridith Elliott Powell joins host Michael Delucchi to discuss succession planning, ways to develop a change mindset and explore the current state of talent development in the banking industry.

Ep #6: Technology Insights with the Federal Reserve Bank: Fintech, Innovation, and Initiatives

In this episode of ElevateTALKS Tracy Basinger, EVP of the SF FRB & Justin Wray, director of risk management join Michael Delucchi & discuss the Fed’s latest initiatives in technology, innovation, & fintech. Conversations include what’s changing in the industry, pain points, risk, opportunities, & engagement strategies for stakeholders.

Ep #3: Three Big Things with
Brian Battle

In this episode of ElevateTALKS, market expert Brian Battle joins host Michael Delucchi and reveals three big things that banks have to consider, accept and adopt, to survive. Listen to Brian’s keen observations and solutions as he shares three critical insights to help every bank make consistent and organized decisions for long term shareholder value and success. 

Ep #5: CRA Reform: Hidden Concerns for Community Banks 

In this episode of ElevateTALKS CRA authority, Linda Ezuka joins host Michael Delucchi and discusses the current state of CRA reform, some of the key changes within the proposed rules, and how they may impact community banks. If you are a community bank executive, lender, compliance officer, or responsible for CRA at your institution then this episode is for you.

Ep #2: Surfing the Business Cycle
with Dev Strischek

In this episode of ElevateTALKS, credit risk and commercial banking expert Dev Strischek joins host Michael Delucchi to discuss lending, flows of a business cycle, what industries are more susceptible and resilient to a downturn, and most importantly what steps bankers should be taking to prepare themselves and their customers for a downturn in the economy.

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