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Elevate is a community for bankers, fintechs, and successful individual and companies in the financial industry built upon three simple principles: educate, connect, and inspire. Simple? Yes, but there’s so much more!

We believe what makes the relationship model of banking so appealing – trust, personal connections, and an enduring commitment to its customers – should apply to the relationship bankers have with their support channels. Our vision is to provide one-on-one guidance to bankers and financial professionals across the nation as they take their careers and personal growth to the next level while having an amazing time along the way! With dynamic conferences, expertly sourced virtual events, and unique Elevate consulting services, Elevate leaves advocacy to state associations and focuses exclusively on its consultative approach to personal and professional development. At Elevate, we see you.

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For many executives in the financial industry there is a long list of priorities… balance sheet management, ever-changing customer needs, technology challenges, remote workforces, and the effects of the pandemic on your company and customers. That’s why it’s so important to have a partner that you can call upon with the experience and resources necessary to move your company forward and still focus on the priorities at hand.

Strategy, operations, customer experience, digital transformation, marketing, human capital, technology, and more. Elevate knows how to bring it all together in a way that creates real, lasting value. 

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ElevateTALKS enables the busy executive to hear short but meaningful & valuable discussions on a variety of banking & leadership topics. Hear from experts, fellow bankers, and successful individuals at your own pace, when you want, & how you want.



“I have known Mike Delucchi for years and have had the pleasure of watching him excel at everything he does. Mike is passionate about and dedicated to community banking. He listens to the needs and requirements of bankers and turns them into high-quality educational opportunities. Everything Mike does begins and ends with relationships. We look forward to continuing to be a part of Mike Delucchi’s network and supporting him and ELEVATE as they become another trusted resource and partner for our company.”

Tom Wornham, Chief Executive Officer at CalPrivate Bank

"If you are looking to attend a conference that builds your bench, develops your talent and takes your team to the next level, then you need to check out Elevate!"

Meridith Elliott Powell, Global Keynote Speaker & Author

"Mike Delucchi has consistently hosted conferences with tremendous ROI and opportunities for personal and professional growth. A partnership with Elevate was a clear and simple decision for us at MAD Security."

Michael Peterson, Territory Manager at MAD Security

"Michael's forward-looking vision will allow attendees to take their banks to the next level through engaging content, education and analytics."

George Callas, CRO & National Sales Director at The Invictus Group







Together, we can help you and your team elevate to a whole new level. 

Latest Elevate News and Announcements

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In this episode of ElevateTALKS Bart Smith, of #PerformanceTrust joins host @MichaelDelucchi & takes an audible journey through the CAMELS bank rating system in light of the COVID-19 crisis #Bankers #ElevateBankers #ElevateTALKSpodcast #Covid-19

In the latest episode of ElevateTALKS podcast, Tracy Basinger, EVP of the SF FRB & Justin Wray, director of risk management discuss the Fed’s latest initiatives in technology, innovation, & fintech.
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In the latest episode of ElevateTALKS podcast, CRA authority @LindaLewisEzuka discusses the current state of CRA reform, some of the key changes within the proposed rules, & how they may impact community banks.
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On the latest episode of the ElevateTALKS podcast fraud-busting body language expert @TraciBrown37 reveals some of her best tips, tells, and signs to spot when someone is lying.
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