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Doing Things Differently

We do things differently at Elevate, and this approach extends to our select partners. As a partner, you’ll deliver a level of value to banks which is without equal, and we know your knowledge and engagement will create lasting relationships. So speak up! At Elevate events, we encourage you to step out from behind your booth to meet bankers and spark meaningful conversations. Whether it’s networking opportunities, hosting dining events, or simply being part of a limited number of partners, we are designing conferences with your ROI in mind.

Networking Opportunities

We’ve all been to the conference where the expo hall is open all day, there are no dedicated functions in the space and traffic is low. Not at Elevate. Here, you are a feature of what we like to think of as “an event,” not just a conference.  So mingle, talk, get to know the bankers, and have some fun!

Welcome Dinners

Conference welcome dinners and receptions are included in all sponsor and banker registrations.

Meals in Expo Hall

Pull up a chair and get ready to talk as we host multiple meals in the expo hall.

Refreshment Breaks

Close a deal over a drink during one of the many refreshment breaks in the expo hall.

Networking Receptions

Engage with bankers during our dedicated networking receptions in the expo hall.

Optional Experiences

Experience Hawaii and Las Vegas alongside the bankers during your choice of optional activities.

Fairwell Dinner

As each conference concludes take advantage of one more opportunity to strengthen relationships before returning home.

VISiBILITY Opportunities

No more paying thousands of dollars to only get your logo lost at the bottom corner of an email or banner and have it called a “Sponsor Item.” Every Elevate sponsorship comes with two branding / exposure opportunities included.

Speaker Intros

Gain personal and company recognition as you address to the entire audience.

Dinner Sponsors

Have your brand associated with either of the two largest social events of the conference.

Optional Experiences

When the attendees think back to their fun at an Elevate event, you and your company will be there.

Conference App

Gain brand exposure every time an attendee opens the conference app.

Lanyards & Key Cards

Wherever you are through out the conference your logo is sure to be seen.

But Wait, There's More...

Your sponsorship opportunities are endless. 


At Elevate, it is our vision to partner with no more than 30 engaged firms.  With a 1:2 partner-to-banker ratio you maximum exposure to decision makers.  To maintain this ratio and value for our partners your conference sponsorship includes one registration. Can you bring additional reps? Absolutely! For every two bankers you refer, you get an additional complimentary registration.  This game plan will enable us to keep the 1:2 ratio, allow more bankers to enjoy the Elevate experience, and assist you in managing your variable costs.  



At Elevate events, our goal is to always provide a minimum 1:2 sponsor-to-banker ratio



Regardless of the number of bank attendees, we will have no more than 30 partners

Speaking Opportunities

When it comes to speaking at an Elevate conference, we don’t play favorites. We are dedicated to providing our attendees with the best education available and we believe our partners are a great way to accomplish this. Prior to every conference, our partners will have the opportunity to submit speaking and training proposals. This is your opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader and parter to your target market.

Keynote Presentations

Forward-thinking presentations  that will educate and inspire attendees both personally and professionally.

Elevate Sessions

Connect with with industry professionals in collaborative learning environment.  


Be featured on this banker focused educational podcast that will be shared within the Elevate banker community and enable additional exposure opportunities for your firm.







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