Get to Know Us

Welcome to the Elevate Community!

Why Elevate?

Elevate is a community for bankers and financial professionals built upon three simple principles: educate, connect, and inspire. Simple? Yes, but there’s so much more!

We believe what makes the relationship model of banking so appealing – trust, personal connections, and an enduring commitment to its customers – should apply to the relationship bankers have with their support channels. Our vision is to provide one-on-one guidance to bankers across the nation as they take their careers and personal growth to the next level while having an amazing time along the way! With dynamic educational offerings, expertly sourced advisory services, and a unique collaborative approach to business relationships, Elevate leaves advocacy to state associations and focuses exclusively on its consultative approach to personal and professional development. At Elevate, we see you.






The Elevate Story

Elevate was inspired by founder Michael Delucchi’s passion for leadership development and his ongoing search to uncover the best practices in productivity and goal achievement. He asked himself two questions: “As a banker and a leader, what do I need to be successful, and where do I go to help me make that happen?” His lightbulb moment was both immediate and over 30 years in the making.

With a career that began in community banking, Mike brings to Elevate a dedication to service and the vision he had as CEO of Western Independent Bankers. Respected by his peers for his ability to integrate a multifaceted banking background with his association accomplishments, Mike’s commitment to helping other professionals achieve personal and professional growth is honest and steadfast.

Now, Mike welcomes you to the apex: Elevate. It is the culmination of a life’s work, and it’s the beginning of a new way of supporting bank professionals. Membership dues? Gone. Engagement limited to the West Coast? Also gone. At Elevate, bankers and partners alike will experience a level of attention that is unrivaled, a bridge of networking opportunities that knows no boundaries, and a holistic approach to success that is uniquely tailored to the bank as well as the individual.

We are Elevate, and we’re excited to walk with you and your team on your journey to the top!


President & Chief Elevation Officer

In his 30 years of banking and association experience, Michael Delucchi has successfully held several executive management positions including chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, chief information officer, and bank director. Because of his impressive and multifaceted background, Mike is uniquely qualified to help banks leverage themselves for continued success. Throughout his career, he has built enduring relationships in the financial services industry and has now seen his passion realized in the Elevate mission of educating, connecting, and inspiring community and regional banks from coast to coast.

Over the past decade, Mike has produced some of the most unique and successful educational conferences, workshops, and webinars in the banking industry. The blending of his diverse banking experience, passion for helping others succeed, and strong relationships with bankers, industry experts and regulators have positioned Mike as a prominent leader in financial institution higher learning.