Strategic Partners

At Elevate we strive to partner with the best providers and experts in the industry. 

To be a strategic partner we evaluate the provider on three factors.  First of all the products and services of the partner needs to be valuable to the needs of the banking industry and have a strong reputation.  We also partner with new services or innovative ideas so that attendees can see what is happening or may be coming to the market.  Second, Elevate aims to partners that have the ability to lead with education and sharing their expertise vs. expecting to sell from the podium at any Elevate event.  The companies that position themselves as industry experts first are ideal.  Lastly, the firm needs to maintain a relationship based sales culture similar to our community bankers that will be attending the Elevate programs..  We expect our partners to contribute in sessions, network at events, and build relationships versus a hard sales approach.  We believe this and the fact that we are selective and committed to a limited number of strategic partners sets Elevate and the Elevate programs apart from any other in the industry.  Here is a listing of our valued partnerships – click on the log to find out more information on these fantastic firms.