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Eight Questions You Always Wanted to Ask A Leader

Last month I asked a question to people within my spheres of influence, both personal and professional: “If you could ask an admired leader only eight questions, what would they be?” And here’s what they said:   How do you foster innovative thinking, and how are...

The Anatomy of Leadership

Martin Luther King, Jr. famously stated, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” As one begins to examine the broad concept of leadership, this idea of molding consensus – of developing an alignment of purpose – is at the heart of...

Mining for Opportunities

The niche of the community bank is the depth and breadth of its customer service; yet, the days of handshake loan approvals and simple spreadsheet reasoning are over. Well, sort of. The personal experience developed at the branch level still exists, but today, every...

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Tune in to the latest @elevatebankers podcast ElevateTalks where Adam Mustafa, joins @MichaelDelucchi to discuss credit stress testing in the COVID-19 environment. Listen on iTunes or @BankGenome #ElevateTALKS #ElevateBankers #COVID19 #StressTesting #Bank

In this episode of ElevateTALKS Bart Smith, of #PerformanceTrust joins host @MichaelDelucchi & takes an audible journey through the CAMELS bank rating system in light of the COVID-19 crisis #Bankers #ElevateBankers #ElevateTALKSpodcast #Covid-19

In the latest episode of ElevateTALKS podcast, Tracy Basinger, EVP of the SF FRB & Justin Wray, director of risk management discuss the Fed’s latest initiatives in technology, innovation, & fintech.
#Bankers #ElevateBankers #ElevateTALKSpodcast

In the latest episode of ElevateTALKS podcast, CRA authority @LindaLewisEzuka discusses the current state of CRA reform, some of the key changes within the proposed rules, & how they may impact community banks.
#Bankers #ElevateBankers #ElevateTALKSpodcast

On the latest episode of the ElevateTALKS podcast fraud-busting body language expert @TraciBrown37 reveals some of her best tips, tells, and signs to spot when someone is lying.
#Bankers #ElevateBankers #ElevateTALKSpodcast

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