Guest: Market Expert Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust

In this episode of ElevateTALKS, market expert Brian Battle joins host Michael Delucchi and reveals three big things that banks have to consider, accept and then adopt, to survive. 

It is getting harder for Banks to survive and maintain their independence. At the same time,  many traditional statistics and strategies banks used in the past are invalid, inappropriate, or even obsolete. Though the use of such strategies could threaten the survival of many banks, few are doing anything about it. This new era of banking threats also creates opportunities.  Listen to Brian’s keen observations and solutions as he shares three critical insights to help every bank make consistent and organized decisions for long term shareholder value and success. 

Brian is a Director at Performance Trust in the Balance Sheet Strategy Group. He is recognized nationwide as a market expert who provides valuable insight on issues related to liability management, mortgage securities, general market and taxable municipal bonds. His 30 years of market experience in analyzing, underwriting and trading has proven to be a tremendous asset for Performance Trust, as well as the industry. As a frequent on-air commentator for CNBC, Fox Business News, National Public Radio, and Bloomberg TV, Brian represents Performance Trust as one of its leading market experts. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics from Winona State University and an MBA from DePaul University.

Brian discusses the importance of long term sustainable earnings, maintaining good regulatory standing, the ability to compare cashflows.  This episode focuses on how earnings drive value and high performance can only be sustainably achieved through integrated decision-making. 

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